EVE passed TIXAS highest level of assessment for information security

EVE Energy Co., Ltd. Is a company that focuses on developing, manufacturing and distributing battery products, which includes lithium ion batteries, lithium primary batteries, etc. Their products have a wide variety of application, such as but not limited to, intelligent transportation, intelligent security, smart meters, intelligent home, remote control data acquisition systems, military applications, and medical equipment. With that being said, the company’s fully committed in going green, which is very promising so long as the company continues to develop.

Recently, EVE managed to breakthrough and passed the Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange of the highest level, also known as TISAX AL3. This assessment indicates that Eve has the ability to manufacture products that are able to meet the information security requirements set by the European Automobile Manufacturers Associations, which in turn means that the company satisfied the security requirements of European automotive companies. This is a big breakthrough for the company as this would mean that they have a solid foundation and are ready to tackle the development of their products for high-end automotive.

TISAX was founded by ENX Association and VDA, and its goal is to provide a binding and unified standard for the information security assessment of the automotive industry. The assessment is being implemented by most of the automotive manufacturers, even well-known ones such as Daimler and BMW. Passing the assessment means that any company implementing the same assessment are to recognize the qualifications, and this is one of the conditions to become a supplier for the said company. This is to ensure that companies in the automotive industry achieve a mutual security trust. In the recent times, information security has become one of the key factors for a company to be successful in the automotive field.

EVE only took 6 months, from the formation of a professional team that worked together to tackle the information security requirements of European automotive companies, to passing the highest level of assessment. The KPMG, which provided the assessment, highly praised the team that constructed and developed the information security management system of EVE.